Good Mythical Morning

My day usually starts with my daily episode of Good Mythical Morning, my favorite daily web show. I look forward to the new episode, every week day when I wake up. Each episode makes me laugh, no matter what it is. I love Good Mythical Morning.

What is GMM, you ask? Well, it consists of two guys, named Rhett and Link: doing anything from trivia games, to cool science articles, and even their life experiences sometimes- and posting it on YouTube. but I always anticipate the next episode one way or another. They do all this every week day in ten minute films, with an after-show that varies in time.

A big reason I love Rhett and Link is their show, yes- and their amazing songs. Yes, you heard me- songs. Rhett and Link are both amazing at singing and Rhett even plays the guitar! Shamefully, (well if you put it that way) I have bought twelve of their songs on iTunes.

Some people may not like GMM, but I for one- love it very much. Loving every part of it- and I sure hope that more people will join the army of mythical beasts.

Seventh grade has been hard. and like I mean- I have no idea how I have survived the year (so far). Yet it has vanished right before my eyes.

Like any first day at school- I was excited- yet still knowing in the back of my mind I’d have homework like no ones business. I also told myself I wouldn’t fall behind- like the year before- but again knowing in the back of my mind that two weeks in I’d have twelve bazillion million missing assignments.

I was soon greeted with my prediction- yet still passing the tests. (Still a mystery to me). But I do feel as if I have gotten progressively gotten better at  keeping up with assignments- except English. I have got better at math- and even I am caught up completely with science but I still struggle with my English assignments.

through the ups and downs- every year has been an adventure- and I know every year in the future will be an adventure. Seventh grade has been the hardest grade by far- and it’s not even over. I know Eighth grade will be even harder: and I’m ready.


Money Can’t Buy Everything

Some say money can make a man complete,

But there’s more than winning the lottery to keep you off the street.

There are things you want- and things you need,

But without a lot of money, you can still succeed.

There are lots of things, that money can not buy,

it can’t make you immortal, and it can’t make you fly.

There are a lot of things that money can’t do,

It can’t make you young again, or a master at Kung Fu.

Some say money can make a man complete,

But there’s more than winning the lottery to keep you off the street.


I was inspired to write this original poem because of the fact of life: as society grows- things are based more and more on money, how much money you have, how much money you make- etcetera. People have survived for thousands of years with low, or even no income at all.

Money can’t make you happy- that is unless you share it with others. What is more important is love. you could be a millionare, but still be sad. Buying things makes you happy for a little bit- but only other people can make you happy in the long run. People may think that winning the lottery can make you happy, but unless you spend it wisely- it can’t.


Media & a Memory: Finding Nemo

When I was little, I couldn’t live without Finding Nemo. I don’t know why, but it’s just the best movie. EVER. Finding Nemo had fish rolling around in bags in a dentist’s office, anememoninonomie (how I said Anemone when I was three), and even a creepy girl with braces.

Finding Nemo made me feel like I understood fish- but I only looked like an idiot when I tried to speak to the family fish tank. I still remember the Finding Nemo books at the bookstore I begged my mom to get- and the Finding Nemo DVD case I embellished with fish stickers.

I never watched a single movie other than Finding Nemo the whole year I was three. Without my Finding Nemo time,  I would drive my mom nuts- because I would have nothing else to do. I was basically a Finding Nemo addict, because I swear I watched it like every single day.

Clownfisch/ Anemonenfisch (cc)
Photo Credit: Martin Fisch via Compfight

Amazing Apps

Apps- some fun, some innovative- and some make me want to facepalm. Out of the hundreds… Of THOUSANDS. Of like- BAJILLIONS of them- I have narrowed it down to the five most fun, interesting, and a way to pass the time.

One of my absolute FAVORITE apps to use is Draw Something 2. Yes, it’s buggy, but possibly one of the coolest apps for artists, like me. It’s where you draw a picture from the hundreds of colors and many tools, and then your partner tries to guess what it is. Kind of like pictionary, but a lot more fun and easy, and you can play with a random player, so anyone can play. You can also just draw for fun, and have your friends and members of the draw something can like, and even comment on it, and return the favor by liking drawings from the thousands of players.

Another amazing app is QuizUp. Now this app is for EVERYONE. QuizUp is a game where you choose from the 250+ topics, and then you are matched against a random player, asked seven questions, and the player who answers the most amount of questions right and the fastest wins XP towards leveling up your topic. From Cats, Minecraft, Pokemon, Botany, and even things like the American Revolution- there is a topic for everyone.

Instagram is ok for sharing photos- but what we really need is an app to categorize, repost, and follow only our favorites. Oh wait, we already have that! Pinterest is what your looking for. Pinterest is great because you can create individual boards- for example: you can create a board for cats, where you pin everything cats, and then you can have a board for makeup, and then someone who really likes makeup but they don’t care for cats can follow your makeup board and get all of your best makeup posts, but not have to see any of their cat posts. You can also repin others can see it, and like others posts as well. You can pin things from the web, or your camera roll. Pinterest is one of the best social networking apps.

Do you love play and create music? Put multiple tracks together and create harmony parts? Then you need the free app Garage Band. You can record your voice, a built in piano of guitar, put the tracks together and then adding pre-recorded tracks to polish your music! Save dozens of songs, with lots of tracks, and at anywhere from one measure to 320 measures. You can eventually purchase even more instruments later. Garage band is essential for music lovers everywhere!

The last app is a favorite by all gamers. Yes, you guessed it- Minecraft PE. This sandbox game has hundreds of unique blocks, dangerous mobs, mining, building, and infinite possibilities! First, create a new world, survival or creative, and then it will spawn a randomly generated world for you to build, mine and thrive in. You can even play multiplayer so you can slay zombies, skeletons and creepers with your friends. Though this app is on the pricey side, it is worth every penny.

Lost Creek Park

Out of all the parks in Austin, I know which one wins in my book. It’s got it all. Trees, a wonderful playground, an open field for running- Lost Creek Park is the best park ever.

There is the best playground equipment I know! It’s not your standard park there’s a super-fun and colorful playground with a climbing tube, wobbly bridge, monkey bars, single bar, and last but not least there is the best thing ever. It’s a slide- but not just any slide- its a roll-y slide. What I mean, is it has spinning cylinders that roll you down- kind of like a treadmill. But that’s not even the beginning. Across the park there’s another playground with a huge tube slide, rock wall, fireman’s pole.

But that’s not it- There’s still the best part. What I like to call the rope Eiffel Tower. What it is, is it’s a huge structure made of tightly woven ropes so kids can climb to the top and climb all around it. I call it the rope Eiffel Tower because it looks like the Eiffel Tower, and it’s made out of ropes. Also, connecting it to the main play scape is another rope structure that looks like a spider web.

There are SO many parks in Austin- Zilker, LHCA, and many more- yet Lost Creek Park will always have that special place in my heart. It’s the most fun and different park in all of Austin.

Despair, Distress, and Darkness


There is nothing more to be said or to be done tonight, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forget for half an hour the miserable weather and the still more miserable ways of our fellowmen.

Think of the deepest, darkest place you could imagine. Good- now- make it dismal… pitiful… and… poignant. Now, think of the saddest memories you have- dying, failure… imperfection…. Now- Throw them all in a cauldron- one not even the worst witches would dare to think about- and mix them with heartbreak, hopelessness- and everlasting darkness. Now you are ready to enter his lair.

In a dark room- on a bed of stone. The sound of a violin song. Not even a cockroach would dare to inhabit the darkness of the small, cramped room. There is a man playing a violin. On the stone cot, A shadow in the pitch cloister. His name is the Phantom. His disheartening music could explain for his treacherous life. Despair, distress, and darkness. Day after night of playing the violin, on the cold and unforgiving floors.

The ceiling seems to get closer every day- as he might have said long ago, in the 20 million years or so… but he has learned to contain his thoughts, long ago. on the abysmal castle-like walls, a single torn painting linger a painting of emptiness- and pitch black strokes. The rest of the walls are empty- just like the phantom.


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Flood G. via Compfight


My Favorite Mistake

I walk up to the beam. I’ve got this,in the bag! I thought. I thought. “Kelly?” The judge announces as I have a grin on my face as I salute. I get through my easy-peasy mount. Of course you make this I assumed. You always do. I step up to the end- and I whip my head back and fly off the beam like I had never even begun to train the skill before. I instantly know what the outcome will be-

A fall.

I plop off the beam- instantly getting that what-have-I-done feeling. I finished the rest of my beam routine without that passion and grin I had at first. I complete my stuck-dismount and solute the judge and walk off.

I am speechless.

“It’s ok… You couldn’t have saved it.” My coach said, trying to comfort me. I just wish I could have I said, in my head. I sat down, not able to say anything. “Get rid of the face” my coach said- as the often says to me when I get that pouty-face. I just wanted to curl into a ball and disappear.

When it all first happened, I felt such regret and hatred for myself, but now I realize falling is just all a learning experience, and it motivated me even more in the gym. I now realize that everyone makes mistakes- and I am no exeption. Since my incident, I had also wanted to win beam even more than I already did after claiming the silver medal at my first meet. This is why this is my favorite mistake.

The Cottage

The cottage holds some of the best memories

Right by the ocean

I can almost taste the saltiness

The perfect view of the beach

stretching across the water

for what seems like forever

Beach glass collecting

looking for the smooth colorful shards

when it turns night

we light the bonfire

roasting marshmellows

on the warm summer night

The Noises

I lay in my bed. I hear many sounds. The TV’s clatter. My parents subtle whispers. The crickets symphony. The static of the lonely air conditioner. The thump of the washing machine. The hum of the refrigerator’s cry. The clanging of the dishwasher- and the occasional footsteps in the hall. I listen carefully as I drift off to a deep slumber.